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A brief look into depression, by Derick Fiedler

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Since 2014 Derick has been exploring mindfulness, accepting that some experiences are unpleasant without getting caught up in them emotionally or trying to push them away. He started off by living out of a backpack and traveling outside of his comfort zone, literally and figuratively. He was committed to simply help himself with his own mental health struggles of anxiety and depression. What started out as merely a self-help journey has turned into a mindfulness movement he created called The Paradigm Journals. He never dreamed that it would lead to becoming a TEDx speaker in 2017, being recognized by Governor Tom Wolf at the Pennsylvania State Dinner in Harrisburg, becoming the official speaker for The National Alliance on Mental Illness- Erie County, and The Mental Health Outreach Coordinator at Penn State Erie. Derick continues to share his message at colleges, high schools, and middle schools all over in order to help others find their ‘truths’ in their own journey of mindfulness.

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