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After all of that, I found myself asking the same questions everyone else was asking me. If I could go back, would I still do it? After such a miserable experience will I ever travel somewhere exotic ever again? If I had just stuck to all-inclusive resorts in Florida or Carnival cruise ships it…(Read More)

When I told friends and family I was going to Thailand in the prior months they asked “why Thailand?” I could go anywhere and I chose there. Most cringed…”you be careful over there”. Just about the only thing they knew about Thailand was that there was a demographic of transgender people (lady-boys) and…(Read More)

Derick Fielder looking over mountains

Recently I have received an overwhelming amount of incredible messages from a wide range of people. From close friends, acquaintances, to complete strangers, sometimes even I forget that were all struggling with similar battles even though on the surface others lives seem more at ease then our own. Rich, poor, high school, college, single, married…(Read More)